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There’s More Than Looks In A Perfect Smile

There are several reasons why a smile is important to you and your family, but there are two major reasons, which we have outlined for you below.

The number one reason a smile is so important is health. Improper bites or crooked teeth can lead to major health problems if not addressed properly. If teeth become overly crowded—thus preventing proper flossing—gum disease, bone loss, and eventual tooth loss can be cause for concern.

  • Overbites – the overlapping of the lower teeth by the upper
  • Crossbites –  a lateral misalignment of the dental arches
  • Crooked/Crowded Teeth – there is simply a lack of room within your jaw for all of your teeth to fit normally.

Overbites, crossbites, and underbites can also cause excessive wear of the teeth. Excessive  wear can lead to possible cracks in the teeth, which can necessitate root canals, crowns, and other extensive dental work.

An ideal smile and bite minimizes the risk of temporomandibular joint disorders and allows you to chew your food more efficiently and comfortably. The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the hinge joint that connects your lower jaw (mandible) to the temporal bone of your skull, which is immediately in front of your ear.

But Wait, There’s More…

The number two reason a smile is so important has to do with confidence and self-esteem.

Crooked, crowded, or twisted teeth that protrude will generally make a person feel self-conscious and negative about his or her smile. We see this every day when new patients come to our offices for complimentary consultations. We take photos of their teeth and smile, and oftentimes patients have a difficult time giving us a big smile.

Once patients have started treatment and they see a difference in their smiles, we notice a lot more smiling!  At the end of treatment, when we take final photos, they are grinning from ear to ear! Now they are confident in their smiles and happy to put them on display!

But Wait, There’s Hope…

Multiple studies have shown the psychological benefits of a beautiful smile—it relates to improvements in job performance and employment opportunities, as well as social acceptance.

We frequently hear from clients how their children have been ridiculed at school because of their “buck teeth” or crooked smiles. It is unfortunate that in today’s world we have become so focused on aesthetics and beauty, but a straight, stunning smile will eliminate the negative attention and contribute to better health and self image!

For a beautiful smile!

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