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Your 5-Star Braces Provider in the Grass Valley, CA Area

There is a reason braces have been around for so long and continue to be a popular form of orthodontic treatment. Braces treatment is reliable and trustworthy, and braces treatment here at Luv My Smile is fun! Whether you are looking for orthodontic treatment for yourself as an adult or looking for treatment for your loved one, whatever the case, we have you covered.

We offer several different braces options, including tried-and-true traditional metal braces and clear or ceramic braces. Clear braces have all the same components as metal braces but are made from a ceramic material that blends in with your teeth, making them far less noticeable. And if you’re looking for a truly discreet way to straighten your teeth, we are in the top 1% of Invisalign providers in the United States.

Here are just a couple of things that make getting braces at Luv My Smile fun and unique:

We respect your time: We understand that you’re busy, which is why we promise to respect your time with quick, efficient appointments.

We value our patients: We know that it is a privilege to be chosen to be your orthodontic provider, which is why we value our patients!

We make things fun: Getting braces can sometimes be nerve-wracking, which is why our doctors and team members make the experience fun and light-hearted!

We are transparent: Through every step of your orthodontic journey, we promise to be transparent and educate you on exactly what we are doing, so there are never any surprises.

Cater Galante Smile Simulator

Our State of the Art Smile Simulator

Here at Luv My Smile, we are proud to offer the best technology in the orthodontic field. Our state-of-the-art smile simulator is the newest, most exciting advancement we have seen recently! In a matter of minutes, we take thousands of images of your teeth, to create a “digital impression”. This digital impression then allows us to predict what your smile will look like after treatment, so we can show you what you have to look forward to! Here are some of our favorite things about our Cater Galante Smile Simulator.

No more goopy impressions. The days of goopy impressions are long behind us! We can get a digital impression in a matter of minutes.

Quick and comfortable. Our Cater Galante Smile Simulator is quick and comfortable, taking only a matter of minutes to complete.

Precise treatment plans. Because our camera takes thousands of photos a second, we are able to see even the smallest details of your smile, meaning our treatment plans are that much more precise!

Invisalign Smile Simulator - Cater Galante Orthodontic Specialists - Grass Valley, CA

Your First Appointment is On Us

Your New Patient Experience

We are thrilled to inform you that all initial consultations are complimentary. We’re ready and excited to meet you!

Knowing Your Braces Options

Frequently Asked Questions About Braces

We understand that you probably have a lot of questions about your braces treatment, which is why we have taken the time to answer some of our most frequently asked questions below. Don’t see an answer you’re looking for? Feel free to call us and one of our team members will be glad to assist you!

Braces are made up of three parts: metal brackets, a metal archwire, and rubber bands. These three things work together to gently move your teeth into a more preferred position. 

This is a common misconception! Braces do not hurt at all! Orthodontics has come a very long way, and many of our patients say they don’t feel anything but a little soreness after initially getting their braces put on.

Every case is different which is why we can’t determine how long your treatment will take until you come in for your complimentary consultation. However, our team members and doctors stay up to date on all orthodontic practices, ensuring you’ll be out of your braces as soon as possible!

When you get your braces on, our team will review with you good brushing and flossing practices. Generally, we recommend brushing after every meal and flossing once a day. You also will still want to do 6-month checkups with your dentist to ensure good oral health!

This is a great question! Because everyone’s case is so different and everyone has unique orthodontic needs, we can’t estimate how much your orthodontic case will be. However, we have several great payment options!

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