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The Aging Dentition and What You Can Do About It

You may have noticed that your teeth have slowly been shifting and moving. Many patients will comment how they had lower front teeth that were perfectly straight, but over the years they noticed they had changed. With the shifting of the teeth comes problems with oral hygiene and eventually changes in your smile.

Patients come into our offices all the time complaining of this tooth or that tooth shifting forward or twisting in an unattractive way or complaining about the difficulty of flossing and brushing. Furthermore, patients begin to notice that their teeth are shifting inward and their smiles become more narrow and less big and wide.

The problem is quite real and common, as we get older. We call it the “aging dentition.”

Besides the shifting of the teeth and increased crowding and narrowing of the dental arches, patients also experience worn teeth, cracked teeth, broken down dental restorations, gum recession and gum disease.

While this scenario sounds downright awful, there is good news! It can be successfully treated and the effects of an aging dentition reversed.

Orthodontic treatment, while traditionally an option for children and teens, has become more mainstream for adults of all ages. Luckily, adults have more options than ever before due to a revolutionary orthodontic appliance called Invisalign.

Metal braces and even clear braces that are glued to the teeth have been available for decades as well as braces that go behind the teeth. However, in the year 2000, a new appliance that was removable and virtually invisible became available for adult and teen orthodontic patients.

Invisalign was developed by 2 grad students at Stanford University and initially was provided only for adults with minimal crowding and bite problems.

Fifteen years and over 3 million patients later, both teens and adults of all ages are experiencing the life changing benefits of Invisalign.

Orthodontic treatment will correct crowding, shifting teeth and bite problems. Furthermore, once the teeth are aligned properly and the bite is corrected, problems related to poor oral hygiene, gum disease, recession, chipped and worn teeth are resolved.

Even better, narrow and constricted arches become wider and a new, more youthful smile is the ultimate result.

Today, adults do not have to live with the results of an “aging dentition” now that there is an option to have orthodontic treatment without traditional metal braces.

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