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Attention Invisalign Patients! No More Messy Impressions That Make You Gag!

In our quest to always be at the forefront of  Modern Orthodontics, we now have a new technology in our Rocklin office that will allow us to take a series of photos of your teeth using a specialized intraoral camera.  The system is called the “iTero” and has been used in General Dentistry for quite some time to produce crowns for fractured or decayed teeth.

The system has been redesigned specifically for Invisalign to help patients get the needed impressions without the gagging and goop.

The images of your teeth and gums are then immediately uploaded to a computer that will allow us to send your teeth images directly to Invisalign.  We are one of 3 offices in the Sacramento area with this new technology.

The benefits for you the patient are amazing.  No more goop in your mouth, no more gagging when getting your “impressions” or “molds” for Invisalign.

Another benefit is that with this technology the intraoral camera is so accurate that when you finally receive your aligners,  they will fit perfectly and move your teeth more efficiently and effectively.

And finally, because the pictures of your teeth and gums are immediately uploaded to Invisalign, Drs. Cater and Galante get your images back sooner for them to begin to prescribe in detail the end result to the technicians at Invisalign.

This speeds up the entire treatment planning and ultimate manufacturing of your aligners. This means you get your aligners sooner ( 3-4 weeks versus the normal 5-6 weeks!).

We anticipate that eventually, we will be able to use the intraoral camera to upload images to other dental laboratories that make retainers and other appliances for our patients who are not wearing Invisalign.

If you have questions about this new technology or would like to schedule a complimentary orthodontics consultation to learn more about Invisalign, Braces, Retainers, or how Modern Orthodontics can benefit you and your family, feel free to call our office at 916-435-8000 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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