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Invisalign Braces and Justin Bieber

Teen Idol, Justin Bieber is improving his smile and most of his fans have no idea!  That is because Justin is using clear removable aligners called “Invisalign” to move his teeth.

These clear removable aligners have been available for over 10 years now, but recently have become the biggest news for Teens looking for an alternative to unsightly metal braces.

Teen Invisalign is a fabulous option to those patients who want straight teeth but are not willing and able to wear metal braces.  The clear aligners are worn about 22 hours a day and removed only for eating and brushing your teeth.

Unlike traditional metal braces, they do not require any dietary restrictions or any special tools to keep your teeth clean.  You simply remove them to eat what you want and brush your teeth like you normally do and then put your aligners back on.

Another huge benefit is that they typically require fewer visits to the Orthodontist, and because there are no wires to move around, you have no problems with wires sticking your cheeks or braces coming off your teeth and irritating your lips.

The aligner’s move the teeth in a prescribed way based on the treatment plan your doctor put together.  You change your aligners every 2 weeks.  Each set is moving the teeth about ¼ of a millimeter.  The discomfort is minimal compared to traditional braces.

If you play contact sports, they also can protect your teeth from being injured during practice or a game.

Like Justin Bieber, many teens want to have straight beautiful teeth, but do not want to have “metal mouth” as their new nickname.

Teen Invisalign is logical choice that will deliver results as good as or even better than traditional braces.

The good news is that you do not have to be a “Teen Idol” to have Invisalign.  The cost of Invisalign is about the same as metal braces and if you have orthodontic insurance, it will cover Teen Invisalign.

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