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Faster Orthodontic Treatment is Now a Reality

Most patients who enter into a orthodontic treatment whether with braces or Invisalign™  will most likely be in treatment 18-30 months, with the national average being 26 months.  For most patients that are in middle school or even high school, it is an expected right of passage to wear braces for that length of time. 

With the growth of Invisalign™ as a viable alternative to metal or fixed braces, more adults have been seeking treatment in an effort to correct a bad bite or improve their smiles for personal, professional and even financial reasons.  Studies have proven without a doubt, that a healthy and beautiful smile improves your ability to get a job, earn more income and be more attractive to members of the opposite sex.

Most adults who enter into orthodontics want to get in and out of treatment as quickly as possible without sacrificing the end result.  Products like “Fast Braces” or “Six Month Smiles” promise to line up your front teeth quickly, but are not able to correct an overbite or other bite issues that ultimately could cause more damage to the teeth.

There is good news!

Now you do not have to sacrifice the end result of your orthodontic treatment by consenting to a “quickie” treatment with either braces or Invisalign.

There is a new technology that has been effective in Europe for the past 3 years and is now available in the United States.  It is the AcceleDent™ System, which works with the science of micro pulses to help speed up tooth movement.

Studies have proven that using the AcceleDent™ System just 20 minutes a day could reduce orthodontic treatment time by 50 percent.  Can you imagine that your orthodontic treatment instead of taking 24 months to complete, would now be done in 12 months…. with out a compromise in your results!

Patients are also reporting less discomfort during their treatment.

A custom fitted mouthpiece is worn 20 minutes a day and small micro pulses are delivered to the teeth and supporting structures.  Patients can wear the device while cooking, watching TV or even reading.

For more information about AcceleDent™ and how it can help you achieve your Orthodontic goals faster and with less discomfort, call our office at 916-435-8000 or 530-274-4411 to schedule complimentary consultation with our doctors.

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