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Custom-Made Braces for your Unique Smile

As promised, this post is all about another new technology that we have in our office: the Lythos Scanner by Ormco. This scanning option is not for Invisalign. It is actually for something even more unique – custom-made braces!

Wait, Custom-Made Braces?

The braces that we create from the Lythos Scanner are completely custom for your unique mouth. They wouldn’t work for just anyone. Only you!

Our practice is moving toward being an exclusively custom-braces practice. We want to give you the best possible care and treatment plan for your personal situation.

How does this work?

Lythos Scanner custom-made braces

These braces are basically the same traditional metal brackets. The difference is that they don’t come from a stock box.

This scanner, like the iTero, takes a digital image of your teeth and the braces are uniquely designed from that image. Ormco’s Insignia creates the brackets, as well as the wires and placement trays.

Mostly, the custom work takes place at the slot in the brackets where the wire goes through. They will have different angulations and tips in it depending on how the tooth needs to be oriented. Does it need to go up or down? Forward or back? Twisted to the left or right?

Since the brackets do some of the work for us, this should actually cut the time that you need to wear the braces down by about 30%.

We are the first in the area to have this technology, so if you are excited about the idea of custom-made braces, contact us for a consultation today!

For a beautiful smile!

Dr. Galante

From the office of Drs. Cater and Galante

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