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Better Late Than Never, Right? Wrong!

Do you suspect an overbite problem in your child? Don’t wait until he or she is older to have it corrected!

When a patient has an overbite, it is usually because the upper jaw is deficient. This causes the upper teeth to overlap the lower teeth, beyond what’s normal.

It is important for treatment to begin as early as possible and while the jaw bones are still malleable. The jaw is easier to manipulate when the patient is younger. Once the jaw bones are solid, you run into bigger issues. The treatment becomes extensive, and the process is longer, usually requiring the need to break and re-align the jaw bones.

Most children aren’t referred to an orthodontist until they are between the ages of ten and twelve  years old, but if your child has bite problems, you will need to see an orthodontist much sooner.

An early interceptive treatment plan is crucial to you and your dentist! Time, cost, and effectiveness all become factors when an overbite issue arises.

Overbites are caused by a few different things, including

  • hereditary issues
  • poor chewing habits
  • abnormalities in the jawbone

Problems a child can face with an overbite are

  • jaw pain
  • excessive wear and tear on tooth enamel
  • impeded speech
  • tooth decay
  • gum disease

How Can I Tell If My Child Has an Overbite Issue?

Though most overbites are not considered serious, there are some that need correcting. A severe overbite is noticeably visible and usually causes the problems we listed above.

Here is an example of what malocclusions (bite problems) can look like:

Cater Galante Malocclusions

Time is of the Essence!

If you think your child has or may develop a bite issue, don’t wait until it’s too late (and expensive) to have it corrected! Schedule an appointment with your orthodontist as soon as possible for an evaluation and to go over treatment plan options.

For a beautiful smile!

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