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A Beautiful Smile in Time for Those Special Events

We want to help ensure that you have your new smile in time for special life events. Whether it is a wedding, graduation, prom, job promotion, career advancement or even a long-awaited vacation, Luv My Smile can help you smile faster with a new, simple-to-use device that can cut your orthodontic treatment by up to half.

Imagine that. The beautiful smile you deserve for your special moments.

AcceleDent® is a lightweight, hands-free appliance that is super easy to use. You simply bite down on the comfortable mouthpiece for just 20 minutes each day, during which you can carry on nearly any routine activity. Its exclusive SoftPulse Technology® generates small vibrations, or micropulses, that accelerate your tooth movement.

After using AcceleDent for a few weeks, my orthodontist was astounded at how quickly my teeth were moving. In only 9 months, my treatment was complete!       -Amy G., AcceleDent patient

We carefully consider new orthodontic treatments before recommending them to our patients. We offer AcceleDent to our patients because it is FDA cleared, makes orthodontic treatment more comfortable, and it allows you to look your best with a beautiful smile up to 50% faster.

We offer complimentary consultations for braces, Invisalign and AcceleDent. Call our offices at 916-435-8000 to schedule your free exam today.

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