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Grandmom Has Braces!

Yes it is true, more and more adults are having their teeth aligned with braces as well as clear aligners. There are several reasons why braces for adults are becoming more popular.

Many of these adults had braces as teenagers and either stopped wearing or lost their retainers that were given to them at the end of their active orthodontic treatment. Their teeth have moved significantly and they are seeking orthodontic treatment in an effort to bring back the smile that they once had.

The other group of adults has never had braces or retainers and always wanted straighter teeth but for various reasons never went through orthodontics as a teenager or young adult. Now they are seeking treatment before their orthodontic problems get worse.

Many adults find that as they age their teeth have moved and shifted forward. This is normal and part of the aging process. Lower front teeth that might have been slightly crooked are now very crooked and hard to floss.

Many adults also find that they have bite problems that they have been able to live with all these years, but now find they are having trouble chewing properly, are having pain and clicking in their jaw joints or headaches that are constant. While these symptoms may not all be related to a bad bite, they could be a factor and a consultation with an Orthodontic Specialist is recommended.

Fortunately, if you find out that you need orthodontic treatment as an adult (and grandparent!) you will find that there are many cosmetic options available to you today.

Rather than walking around with metal braces and looking like a teenager again, you can opt for the newest clear braces made out of porcelain. Unlike earlier clear braces that were made of plastic and picked up stains from coffee, tea and red wine, today’s clear braces are made of porcelain so they do not stain and maintain their color throughout your treatment.

An even better cosmetic choice is Invisalign. These are clear, removable aligners that are worn about 22 hours a day. Basically they are removed only for eating and brushing.

They are customized for each individual patient and the aligners are changed every 2 weeks. The teeth are moved in a prescribed fashion that has been set up by an Invisalign-Certified Doctor. Each set moves the teeth about ¼ of millimeter. While the movements appear small in size, they are very effective and targeted.

The clear aligners also are more comfortable and there is minimal discomfort compared to braces that are fixed to the teeth. A big plus is that they are virtually invisible!

There are also other removable choices available depending on the problem and goals of treatment.

Seeking a consultation with an Orthodontic Specialist is the best way to find out all your options as an adult. Make sure that the Orthodontic Specialist has significant experience with Invisalign if you prefer that option. Ideally a doctor with the designation as a Premier Provider or Elite Premier Provider will have the experience to determine if Invisalign if the best choice for you and if it is, be able to provide an excellent result for you.

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