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The Daily Tooth Grind

Many people think that tooth grinding, or bruxism, is mainly caused by stress or anxiety. Actually, it is more commonly an issue with bite and the alignment of your teeth. As an orthodontist, tooth alignment is my expertise!

Consequences of Teeth Grinding

Grinding your teeth can lead to many issues. It can cause teeth to be fractured, broken, or chipped. It can also cause your gums to recede. And, all of that tension and pressure can cause headaches and jaw problems.

Guard That Mouth!

A mouthguard can work great against the damaging results of teeth grinding. It will prevent some of the wear and tear.

Unfortunately, mouthguards are like a bandaid. It will help protect the teeth but it won’t affect the underlying problem – which is usually orthodontic.

Correct That Bite!

Invisalign has helped a tremendous number of people who grind their teeth. The aligners work as mouthguards and bite correctors.

90% of the time, patients with crooked teeth also have a bite problem. If your teeth are only slightly crooked and you are on the fence about treatment, there is actually a functional reason to straighten your teeth.

When we help your bite become more aligned, your teeth and jaw become stronger. Thus avoiding other problems in the future.

When your bite and teeth are functioning properly, you’ll chew better, which helps in digestion.

Also, your gums will be healthier because your teeth will be placed correctly. Correctly aligned teeth facilitate healthier bone and gum tissue surrounding the teeth. A correct (or corrected) bite leads to greater longevity and increased health for your teeth.

If you think you may have a bite problem that is causing you to grind your teeth, come in for a consultation! We can examine the wear on your teeth and the bite to determine the next step.

For a beautiful smile!

Dr. Galante

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