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Time for Sun! Time for Fun! Time for Braces!

School is almost out and the summer is almost here! As an orthodontist, I’m thinking a little less about that California sunshine and a little more about how important it is to schedule your orthodontic treatment early!

Many of my patients’ parents call in a panic around mid-August, hoping to schedule an appointment for braces or Invisalign before the school year starts up again in September. I wish that I could see them all, but there just isn’t enough time in the day!

Ideally, parents will call us in the next few weeks (or right now!) to make an appointment in July. I recommend that time for 4 reasons.

Reason #1

Develop a Routine

If your child has some time over the summer to get used to having braces or Invisalign while at home, or even traveling on vacation, then dealing with it at school will be a breeze. They will know what they need to do during lunch time. They will already have their morning and evening routines established.

Reason #2

No Missed School Days

Missing school, especially during the first couple weeks, can be hard on kids academically. Set them up for success by making sure they can be at school without the soreness or distraction of those first few days and weeks of getting used to braces.

Reason #3

Orthodontic Practices are Busy

Honestly, our practices are always very busy in the summer, especially toward the end of August and into September. Calling early and scheduling those appointments will give you peace of mind. The sooner you schedule, the sooner you can get an appointment – and the sooner you can get back to enjoying your vacation!

Reason #4

Putting it Off Until….?

In most cases, parents don’t want to take their kids out of school. However, skipping out on those ideal summer months pushes the treatment back to Christmas break. All the little delays can certainly add up, and braces are a long term endeavor. Please don’t put them off so many times that you end up with a graduate in their cap and gown and braces!

Hopefully you can see the benefits of starting your child’s orthodontic treatments early in the summer instead of waiting until the last minute. I hope to see you here soon!

For a beautiful smile!

Dr Galante

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