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Just Ask Carrie Underwood

In our celebrity obsessed world, you need not look to long and hard to see the smiles that grace the covers of most fashion magazines. In a recent article in InStyle Magazine, Carrie Underwood is interviewed and asked by the reporter what is her favorite “body” part. Interesting question, but an even more interesting answer…Carrie Underwood who is no doubt beautiful and talented, tells the reporter her SMILE is her most favorite part of her body! In fact she mentions that her Orthodontist probably has no idea how much he has had an impact on her success and life!

Needless to say, we do know how Orthodontics can impact your child and you too, forever! Modern Orthodontics can change your smile in as little as 6 months. Some of the newest advances in “braces” today are totally invisible and perfect for any adult or teen who wants a fabulous smile that can last a lifetime.

One new innovation in invisible braces in the past 8 years is Invisalign. Invisalign Orthodontic treatment involves wearing a series of clear removable aligners ( they resemble a very thin mouthguard) approximately 22 hours per day. They are removed for eating and toothbrushing. The aligners last about two weeks, then you switch to another set for another 2weeks. This process continues until your teeth are aligned and your smile is fabulous!

The technology that goes into the making of the aligners is quite sophisticated. An impression or “mold” of your teeth is taken and then sent to Invisalign. The mold of your teeth is scanned and then digitized. A computer generated sequence of tooth movements is then put into place for approval by the treating Orthodontist. Once the Orthodontist approves the final result and how the teeth are moved and aligned, the clear aligners are fabricated and sent to the Orthodontist for delivery to the patient.Invisalign treatment is invisible and virtually pain free.

More recently, braces that go behind the teeth called “lingual braces” are increasingly popular especially for adults who are in sales or speaking careers. The braces that go behind your teeth (lingual) are completely invisible and work in a similar fashion to the braces that go on the front of your teeth. The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders are spokeswomen for the company known as “I Braces” that manufactures these custom made braces. The Cowboy Cheerleaders are known for having a Half-Time contest asking the audience to guess which cheerleaders have braces on!

One question that comes up regarding the “I Braces” is a concern about the potential irritation of the tongue by the braces. Whether the braces are on the front of your teeth or on the back, there will 2 weeks of some adjustment either by your cheeks or your tongue.

If you are not opposed to having braces on the front of your teeth, but you still want a no metal option, then newest type of braces, called Innovation-C are the choice for you. These braces have the advantage of never discoloring (they are made of ceramic) and move the teeth more efficiently and quickly without the associated pain and discomfort of traditional metal braces. They have a clip that holds the wire in place rather than a clear or colored elastic tie. This allows the wire that is attached to the brace to be constantly active. These type of braces work best with light wires and therefore, light but consistent force on the teeth. Studies have shown that the time spent in braces can be decreased by 25% with these new type of clip braces.

Invisalign, “I Braces” and Innovation-C braces, are just some of newest innovations in Modern Orthodontics today.

Studies have shown that your physical appearance does effect your economic status. According to Danile Hammermesh and Jeff Biddle, two economists with the National Bureau of Economic Research, they have found the more attractive your appearance, the more money you will make. Orthodontics is truly an investment in you and your family’s future.

Drs. Cater and Galante are a husband and wife team of Orthodontists who have been in practice together for over 15 years. They have over 45 years of combined experience in Orthodontics and are Premier Providers of Invisalign ( top 5% nationwide).

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