Here at Cater Galante Orthodontics, we are seeing a lot of injuries lately from children not using mouthguards as they are participating in sports activities.

Mouthguards are the single most important piece of equipment your athlete can wear to protect their teeth!

Santa Doesn’t Want To Bring You Teeth for Christmas!

Dentistry Today states that More than 5 million teeth are avulsed each year due to sports injuries and trauma, and in certain cases these avulsions can be attributed to the absence of a mouthguard or to improperly fabricated and fitted mouthguards.”  

The impact a sports-related injury can have on your mouth is very costly, in both time and money. Losing a tooth, or even worse, TEETH, can be very difficult when it comes to smiling, eating, talking—everything!

Children with braces are especially on the mouth guard radar as we see twice as many patients with injuries to their mouths due to braces and not wearing a mouthguard!

And it’s not just athletes who need to wear a mouth guard! We have seen patients that have fallen off their bikes and hit the handlebars with their mouth, which broke a front tooth at the gum line and required a root-canal and a crown!

Kids that are participating in ANY activity where their mouth could be at risk, should be fitted for a mouth guard!

No Excuses!

We want to ensure that everyone who participates in a sports activity is properly fitted with a mouth guard to protect those teeth! We have joined forces in a campaign working with local schools and coaches to offer free, custom made mouthguards to schools’ sports teams!

So if you are a local coach and want to participate in our mouthguard campaign, contact us today for more information!

For a beautiful smile!

Cater Galante Orthodontic Specialists