Halloween is spook-tacular, but it can often be a source of anxiety for anyone with braces. However, returning home after trick-or-treating with a bucket full of candy shouldn’t cause unnecessary stress.

While good eating habits are very important, it’s also nice to experience the Halloween tradition and for
many, that means eating tons of candy! It’s important that children and adults alike continue practicing good oral hygiene.

Follow these 3 easy tips and anyone with braces can have a stress-free Halloween!

1. Whether you’re handing out candy or taking your own children trick-or-treating, try to find candy that is friendly to teeth with braces. Soft candy like chocolate won’t interfere with braces and wires – good examples include Hershey’s Kisses or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Chewy cookies are also a safe choice.

2. Try to avoid hard candy and candy with nuts or caramel. These things can get stuck to the wires or caught between the braces. If you happen to get hard candy in your trick-or-treat bag, it’s important to not chew it right away. Hold the candy in your mouth to soften it up first. Watch out for bubblegum as well as it can get stuck in braces, too.

3. Halloween candy can usually last for a few days or maybe even a couple of weeks. Make sure you or your child is taking extra care with oral hygiene during this time including brushing and flossing regularly. Even if soft candy is the only candy consumed, the sugar from the candy can cause plaque build-up if the teeth are not properly cleaned. Drinking plenty of water is a good way wash away the sugar and candy that might get stuck on your teeth or braces.

Using the tips above, you should be able to have a safe and fun Halloween without worrying about braces. You want to have a spooky time, not a spooky smile!