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Is Your Dental Insurance Ruining Your Teeth?

Across America, people are dropping their dental insurance, thus paying out of pocket for procedures and skipping routine exams altogether.

We are all well aware that dental coverage is extremely important. It would be great if preventative care were covered 100 percent across the board, but sadly it’s not.

Dental insurance is designed to aid a patient in payment, but not meant to cover the entire cost of the visit and procedure.

Rising Dental Costs: Bad for Your Wallet and Oral Health

The average dental insurance plan only provides a maximum benefit of $1,500 per year. That maximum amount hasn’t changed in decades, even with the rising cost of dental care. Add to this the fact that dental plans are becoming more costly and much more selective as to which services they’ll cover, and it’s easy to understand how people are seeing dental insurance as a limited value.

According to the National Association of Dental Providers, less than 3 percent of those covered by dental benefit plans reach the current maximums.

The general overall health of your teeth is important, especially if you plan on keeping your teeth well into your rockin’ years. This is why you should always follow a routine checkup schedule and stay on top of necessary procedures that may come up.

Routine exams help prevent important things:

Oral Cancers – Statistics have shown that one person dies every hour due to oral cancer. Sadly, that number is increasing.

Gum Disease – This is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. It is highly preventable and reversible when treated by a dental professional.

Tooth Loss – The most obvious risk of skipping your routine exams is the potential for tooth loss. The impact of losing teeth is extreme, especially when it comes to your facial structure, speech, and ability to chew. Not to mention your smile and self-confidence!

Don’t Let Your Dental Health Fall by the Wayside

Dental health should always remain at the top of your priority list. Routine exams and procedures prevent so many avoidable problems that, left untreated, can cause more damage and incur far more cost down the road.

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